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+91 94277 35010

About Hospital

Usine Healthcare has served hundreds of businesses and their employees over the years. Our experience and quality services ensure that you get the best in healthcare and preventive services. As providers and believers in welfare; We're here to help you maintain a healthy workforce, reduce absenteeism, increase productivity, and reduce medical costs.

We value your time, a small feature. As a professional health care practice, we are flexible with schedules and able to provide early morning or late afternoon visits. In addition to the services available at our office fee, we offer many on-site services and van services available for transportation of injured workers, physical therapy patients, pre-employment physicals, etc.

Our vision

A company's productivity rests solely on the employee's wellbeing and performance. Therefore, it is imperative for the organisation to take care of their employee's health and wellness.

Our misson

Our experts, specialized in core wellness areas, can deliver successful wellness programs. Find out complete health picture of your employees & get our expert assistance accordingly. Web & Mobile Platform. Health Analytics.