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Form 32 and 33

As per factory act 1963, health check up should be done for all employees. Form 32 and 33 are forms prescribed by government for factory employees health check up. Our Doctor is certified in Factory health.

Form 32

Workers employed in a 'hazardous process' shall be medically examined by a qualified medical practitioner hereinafter referred to as Factory Medical Officer, in the following manner.

  • Once before employment, to ascertain physical fitness of the person to do the particular job
  • Once in a period of 6 months, to ascertain the health status of all the workers in respect of occupational health hazards to which they are exposed: and in cases where in the opinion of the Factory Medical Officer it is necessary to do so at a shorter interval in respect of any workers
  • The details of pre-employment and periodical medical exam, carried out as aforesaid shall be recorded in the Register in Form No. 32.

Form 33

No person shall be employed for the first time without a certificate of fitness in Form No. 33 granted by the Factory Medical Officer.