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  • Complete health checkup

    Complete health checkup

    We provide healthy living and intensive health check-up services for your employees.

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  • Form 32 and 33

    Form 32 and 33

    As per factory act 1963, health check up should be done for all employees.

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  • Audiometry checkup

    Audiometry checkup

    If a noise exposure assessment confirms that workers are exposed to excess.

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  • Spirometry  checkup

    Spirometry checkup

    Spirometry, the most common type of pulmonary function test (PFT)..

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  • Laboratory Tests

    Laboratory Tests

    Laboratory tests should done to prevent spreading of infectious disease among workers.

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  • ECG


    ECG means electro cardio gram, should be done to know about normal heart

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  • X RAY

    X RAY

    X RAY should be done for lungs diseases. Like it can detect TB, SILICOSIS, and past major lungs problem.

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